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The following are certian PDF packets of documents. These have been complied for the connivence of our clients. Please understand while this is not a complete set of documents necessary to file a particular action with the court. It is offered to you as a set which you can print out, and fill out yourself in neat handwriting writing, then bring these to the office meeting or consultation. Alternatively you can fill out and fax them to us. Your efforts in this regard will save you some attorney time, fees and costs. It can also assist in moving this matter faster to filing. When filling these forms out, please just do your best. Do not get overwhelmed by the information necessary in these documents. You can always bring in your best efforts, and then we can address any remaining questions in a meeting, or phone conference. The idea is to have you put in as much information as is possible, and we can handle the rest.

Therefore, please find the following packets with the appropriate procedures set forth therein. Our office will send you an email directing you to a specific set by title, and we should have provided you with a password as well to access these documents. They are as follows:

This section is used when seeking a Domestic violence Restraining Order and or the Answer:

These form packets are for Dissolution of a marriage with no children or minor children:

These form packets are for Dissolution of a Marriage when you have minor children within the marriage:

You never married and you had a child together, now you would like visitation or child support or both:

If you need a fee waiver to file the Pleadings:

For Living Trusts:

Ayman Elsharkawi, Esq.




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Our Firm has performed over 55 years of collective litigation and planning for its clients. The firm consists of James E. McNamara Esq., and a wonderful support staff. Click here to read complete bio.

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